HIRE CARS Katanning

Hire Cars Katanning

hire cars katanning
hire cars katanning

Do you need to hire a car in Katanning?

Perhaps you’re stranded in town,
had a break-down or accident,
or need to get somewhere in a hurry…

…Whatever your reason for hiring a car
Great Southern Car Hire  in Katanning
has two Holden Cruz sedans available for hire.
With most insurance companies now covering vehicle hire
we can get you mobile while your car is bing repaired.



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PLEASE NOTE: Your booking is subject to vehicle availability. We do not guarantee having vehicles available for your required dates.
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hire cars katanning

Great Southern Car Hire Katanning is part of
Katanning Premier Smash Repairs in Katanning.

Most insurance companies now provide motor vehicle rental in your comprehensive insurance policies.

So, if you have been involved in an accident and your pride and joy
is being repaired,
or your vehicle is in one of the local mechanical services,
or you just need to get from Point A to Point B

Then contact us on 9821 1836

We’ll get you moving!

Hire Cars Katanning

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